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Advantages of VacuChrome™ Coating

  • The VacuChrome™ process provides a bright finish identical to chrome, color adjustments to match customer requirements.​

  • There is no weight penalty as compared to chrome which typically adds 1.2 to 2.0 lbs per wheel.

  • As opposed to chrome, the VacuChrome™ process does not alter balance or uniformity.

  • The VacuChrome™ process provides the same reliability as painted aluminum wheels.

  • There are no design limitations like those that hamper chrome plating and chrome cladding.​

  • Same process as OEM programs which has passed all long term quality testing.

  • ​There is virtually no development timeline. The average timeline is about 4 weeks. Existing wheel
    designs can easily be offered in a
    VacuChrome™ finish. If the wheel is ready for paint, it is ready for Cross to coat.

  • ​There are no tooling costs associated with this process. Both chrome plating and chrome cladding programs require special tooling resulting in an upfront tooling charge.

  • Process is “green”; no VOCs or hazardous products of any kind are used in the application of our coating.  The facility does not require any environmental permits to operate.

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