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Geared For Dealers and Vendors

Our 50,000 sq/ft facility is built with large order service in mind.  Multiple production lines allow for an efficient pipeline of parts to be consistently flowing both in and out of the facility.

Coating Flexibility

The precision of our coating process enables ultimate flexibility in terms of coating thickness.  Depending on the application, the thickness of the coating can range from 2-5 microns with our current setup.

Coating Quality

Our UV paint covering offers unmatched finish quality over solvent-based paint because of the difference in curing time.  UV cured paint is capable of being cured in under a minute, this results in a flawless finish when coupled with top of the line air filtration as there is no time for imperfections to settle in the paint before it cures.

Coating Capabilities

The Cross PVD plant is located at 1180 Polk Drive in Warsaw, Indiana. It  has several paint lines able to service an array of parts.


We have several automated lines able to service your needs as well as UV painting lines able to service a variety of parts.


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