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Introducing VacuChrome™ Technology

The Auto Industry’s first non-epoxy, acid resistant wheel finish available in a range of colors





Cross PVD is North America’s only large-scale producer using environmentally friendly vacuum metalizing to create automotive wheels with a classic chrome finish appearance.

Our proprietary production process replaces the dangerous and unfriendly technology of chrome plating which until now was the only option for a “bright” automotive wheel finish.

Our all season coatings can be applied to a multitude of wheel geometries, are far more durable than traditional chrome plating, don’t pit or rust, and reduce vehicle weight which results in improved gas mileage.


All of our coatings are applied proudly in the United States, and we have over two million units of production capacity (and growing).

Cross PVD is the premier coating company in Northern Indiana.  We are a leader in terms of developing new coating technologies, decreasing environmental footprints, and applying various coating technologies within the automotive, aeronautic, and nautical industries.


Cross PVD is composed of a headquarters and plant located in Warsaw, Indiana.  The plant was established in the early 2000's  and coating wheels has been our specialty for several years, and we are now working on offering customized solutions featuring complete 

Check our Finished Products!

Cross PVD offers a myriad of coating and finishing options to allow for any custom idea to become a reality.  Furthermore, our facilities provide for mass manufacturing to take place simultaneously.

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